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Looking to Become a Surrogate: How to Find Intended Parents

Looking to Become a Surrogate: How to Find Intended Parents

Do you know someone looking for surrogates? Or perhaps you have been reading surrogate blogs and materials and decided this is the path for you? 

Whatever your motivation, we at NexGen Families are here to support individuals as they strive to become a surrogate and connect with intended parents. 


Become a Surrogate & Find Intended Parents Independently 

If you are hoping to become a surrogate and enjoy the prospect of finding intended parents on your own, there are many avenues you can take. From private networking and surrogate blogs to public advertising and engaging professionals in the industry, there are many ways for aspiring surrogates to launch their journey. 

By independently seeking and screening potential intended parents, you will have greater control over this process and can tailor your requirements. Also, you will not be limited to prospective families committed to just one agency, giving you a broader and more diverse pool to choose from. 

Become a Surrogate & Find Intended Parents with an Agency 

Surrogacy agencies can provide individuals with valuable information on how to become a surrogate and match with intended parents. You will have the opportunity to provide information regarding your needs and plans, which the agency will use to screen and match intended parents based on shared preferences and goals. 

Working with an agency can provide access to expert matching services, mediation services to support relationships, predictable and tested processes, and a coordinated approach to end-to-end surrogacy services. 

Finding a Surrogate Match 

Many women looking to become a surrogate already know, or are aware of, potential intended parents whom they would like to help. If this is not the case, engaging with surrogate blogs, social networks, and surrogate finder websites can be helpful when seeking a surrogate family. 

Alternatively, you can explore blogs and advertisements by intended parents in search of a surrogate, or even ask your attorney for referrals. 

Once you have located a potential surrogate match, it is essential to take steps to ensure that they are safe to work with. If you are connected with an agency, they will carry out services of this nature. However, suppose you are entering a surrogate family situation independently. In that case, asking for completed background checks, in-home assessments, and other FAQ evaluations can be wise before continuing the process. 

Surrogate FAQ: Questions to Ask Potential Intended Parents 

Once you are confident and satisfied with your choice of intended parents, it is important that you ask them a range of questions to lay a foundation and begin your surrogacy journey in a positive way. 

Getting to Know You FAQ

When getting to know your surrogate match, it is essential to come prepared with a basic FAQ list that will help you learn more about the potential intended parents, including: 

  • How did you meet?
  • How long have you been together?
  • What are your occupations?
  • What are your family values?
  • What are your hobbies, and what do you do for fun, e.g., read blogs, play sports, or listen to music? 

Surrogacy Journey FAQ 

To ensure that everyone is on the same page with the process surrounding creating a surrogate family, preparing questions to ask potential intended parents is essential. These questions could include the following: 

  • Why have you chosen to use a surrogate for your family?
  • How did you learn about gestational surrogacy?
  • Have you explored many surrogate blogs?
  • What are your expectations with this process?
  • What are you most excited about for your family?
  • Do you want a sibling if this surrogacy process goes well?

Medical Questions FAQ

Preparing questions to ask intended parents regarding their medical history, expectations, and requirements can help avoid misunderstandings, including: 

  • How many embryo transfers would you like to attempt?
  • Are you interested in having twins or triplets for your family?
  • What are your thoughts on selective reduction and termination of a pregnancy?
  • Are you using your eggs and sperm, or have you used donors? 
  • Would you want your surrogate to adopt any lifestyle changes? 

Surrogate-Intended Parent Relationship FAQ

The best surrogate match experience occurs when each party feels relaxed and heard. To foster a positive relationship, ask intended parents questions like: 

  • What level of communication would you like?
  • Would you like to come to all the doctor’s appointments?
  • How involved are you hoping to be?
  • Would you like to maintain contact after the baby is born as part of an extended surrogate family? 

Learn More About Becoming a Surrogate and Finding Intended Parents with NewGen Families

To learn more about becoming a surrogate and finding intended parents, contact us at NewGen Families today, or browse our wealth of resources, like our stories and surrogate blogs. Get in touch by emailing or calling +1 (702) 818 7783. 

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