Top Suggestions for Surrogates to Ask their Lawyer

Choosing a surrogacy friendly lawyer that specializes in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) can often seem like an overwhelmingly difficult task. When considering becoming a surrogate, it is important that you work with a lawyer who specializes in third-party reproduction. Third-party reproduction is a very specific area of law that requires a professional who understands a […]

Staying Connected: Promoting Surrogate Education and Community

When you answer a unique call to make dreams come true for intended parents, you have provided a family with the ultimate gift of unconditional love. No one understands this one-of-a-kind feeling more than NewGen Families’ Surrogate Director, Donnyé Sabo, who continues her personal surrogate journey far beyond the first time that she carried twins […]

A NewGen Family and a Picture Worth a Thousand Words

If one is to recall the familiar adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” then the image of five family members joyfully taking a family stroll down the colorful streets of Las Vegas, Nevada is certainly one worth a thousand words and then some. For this is the picture of a Father named […]