Looking to Become a Surrogate: How to Find Intended Parents


Looking to Become a Surrogate: How to Find Intended Parents Do you know someone looking for surrogates? Or perhaps you have been reading surrogate blogs and materials and decided this is the path for you?  Whatever your motivation, we at NexGen Families are here to support individuals as they strive to become a surrogate and […]

What should a surrogate expect from a psychological evaluation?

The mere scientific term, “psychological evaluation” may conjure up feelings of fear andapprehension to anyone yet alone a potential surrogate who has selflessly decided to assistintended parents in realizing their dream of creating and building a family. However, when awoman does indeed decide to become a surrogate, it is necessary that she undergoes, what thesurrogacy […]

What is a third-party coordinator and why are they important?

It can often seem like quite the challenge when intended parents and surrogates first meet witha clinic or a surrogacy agency. This is especially true for international families who place theirdreams in a stranger’s hands while trying to understand and make decisions regarding complexmatters throughout the various surrogacy milestones in a foreign land with its […]